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Our Properties are surrounded by things to do. We have local parks, trails, playgrounds, a tennis court, skating, and a Family Friendly Grill at our Black Mountain Golf Club.

Features & Benefits

Resident’s Appreciation Package

Every original lot purchase at BlueSky at Black Mountain includes a Resident Appreciation Package that includes introductory benefits to the Black Mountain Golf Club & Grill.

The Resident Appreciation Package is designed to ensure all new residents have a chance to experience some of the local amenities and features.

The 2020 Residents Appreciation Package Privileges Include:

  • 10 Complimentary Green Fees – Green fees are valid at any time of day and are fully transferable. * (Golf Car included)
  • $100 Clubhouse Credit – Valid on all Golf Shop and Food & Beverage purchases
  • 10% Off Green Fees – Valid on regular price green fees only **
  • 10% Off Food & Beverage – Excluding alcoholic beverages **
  • 20% Off Golf Shop Purchases – Valid on all regular priced merchandise **

Above privileges are awarded on a one-time basis for lot/homeowners that have purchased real estate at BlueSky from Melcor Developments Ltd.  Re-sale transactions are not included in this program. Privileges will expire at the end of the 2020 golf season, being October 31st.


Birkdale Park in the Uplands

This beautiful park sports a comfortable lookout and viewing area, a tennis court, children’s play area made from durable natural materials, and a view of the 10th green at Black Mountain Golf Club.

Lund Park in the Meadowlands

This park is for the kids! It has a basketball hoop, children’s playground, and a beautiful rose garden for mom and dad to enjoy while the kids play.

sntsk’il’ntən Regional Park at Black Mountain

Coming soon is the largest park in the Central Okanagan (640 acres) and it’s right at our doorstep.


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Great Blue Heron Grind, Lewis’ Woodpecker Hill or the Painted Turtle Way

BlueSky at Black Mountain always impresses visitors with it’s spectacular natural trail network on open space lands preserved from development. The trail network traverse hillsides and natural plateaus that showcase the spectacular Okanagan dryland vegetation, rock formations, and vistas.

BlueSky is nestled in coniferous woodlands with ponderosa pine, blue bunch wheatgrass, and rough fescue. Arrowleaf balsamroot aka the Okanagan sunflower is Kelowna’s official flower. Indigenous to the southern interior of BC, it brightens the hillsides of the BlueSky community in spring & is a staple food for local wildlife.

This ecosystem is red-listed in BC, meaning that it is at risk of being lost (extirpated, endangered, or threatened). Coniferous woodlands are characterized by open stands of Douglas-fir or ponderosa pine, often on shallow soils with grassy understories. This area provides habitat & foraging for a great variety of birds, reptiles, amphibians, & small mammals such as the American Badger, also provides important overwintering habitat for larger mammals such as mule deer & smaller more sensitive species such as the Great Basin Spade Foot Toad.

Primary cavity nesters excavate holes in the trunk of snags in order to build nests & rear their young, as well as to gain access to bark-dwelling insects & sap. For the blue-listed Lewis’s Woodpecker this habitat is imperative.

Unlike other woodpeckers, Lewis’ Woodpeckers lack the skull structure & highly developed bill that facilitates wood excavation. As a result, Lewis’ typically use existing nest holes or natural cavities, but will excavate its own cavities in highly decayed wood. A snag is a tree that is dead or dying and is as alive when dead as when it is living. Without snags some 85 species of North American birds, numerous small mammals, insects, fungi, & lichens would be without valuable habitat.

Decomposition of a tree starts quickly when disease, damage, fire etc. affect the outer cambium of the bark. Fungi move in & begin breaking down the tree into nutrients to replenish the soil. The rotting process creates soft outer layers in the trunk for primary cavity nesters such as woodpeckers & sapsuckers to excavate. Primary cavity nesters are considered keystone species because they create habitat for secondary cavity nesters such as certain species of chickadees, owls, nuthatches, bluebirds, swallows, & warblers.

MELCOR, on behalf of the BlueSky at Black Mountain subdivision has been following a planned restoration for the disturbed areas in order to ensure the local habitat continues to offer this important ecosystem. To date we have planted 280 Ponderosa Pines, 63 Douglas Firs, and 420 shrubs including Saskatoon, Kinnickinnick, Red Osier Dogwood, Nootka Rose, Oregon Grape, Mock Orange, Juniper and Rabbit Brush, 4000 grasses from other locations in the development; hand seeded and hydro seed acres of rye bunch grass, removed weeds, and watered many areas to ensure growth.

Plus, our restoration is far from being completed.

Ride the Multi-Purpose Trail and More

Walk out the front door of your BlueSky at Black Mountain home and hop on your bike.  The multi-purpose recreational trail running parallel to Black Mountain Drive takes you wherever you want to go:

  • Painted Turtle Way

  • Great Blue Heron Grind

  • Birkdale Park

  • American Badger Trek

  • Black Mountain Golf Club

  • Black Mountain Grill

  • Lund Park

  • Black Mountain Elementary School

  • Urban Cattail Loop

  • Mule Deer Mosey

  • Wabler Walk

  • sntsk’il’ntən Regional Park at Black Mountain

  • Lewis’ Woodpecker Hill

  • Tennis Court

  • Playgrounds


The Grill at the Community Clubhouse

The Grill at Black Mountain is our answer to “what smells so good!?”. With mouth-watering locally influenced selections, The Grill will satisfy. With affordable prices, you won’t mistake your bill for your scorecard. Enjoy an ice-cold beverage with friends.

Black Mountain Golf Club

This is more than just a fun, unique, friendly full par-71 challenging golf course located in Kelowna, BC. It features 18-holes worth of breathtaking Okanagan landscape and a signature island green.


Christmas at BlueSky

The residents of the BlueSky at Black Mountain development host their own Christmas Parties every year.   One for adults and one for younger residents under 19 years of age; and Santa gives out presents to the little ones.

These fun and crazy events at the Black Mountain Grill have door prizes supplied by the community, they collect food donations for the Kelowna Food Bank, and they raise funds for the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign.

The Kelowna Rockets Skate at BlueSky

Melcor and BlueSky believe in giving back to the community with fun family events.

These events have helped us raise thousands of dollars for the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign.

The BlueSky Community has an outdoor skating rink that is just perfect for this event!

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